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Jewelry Packaging Design

Jewelry Packaging Design

Pretty jewelry is a dime a dozen these days. It is easy to find unique, artistic pieces thanks to websites like Etsy, Amazon, and Pinterest. What is not so simple to find are interesting and enticing jewelry packaging design. Check out these jewelry packaging design ideas to either try at home or seek out from your favorite jewelry supplier!


Named after the elements of gold (Au) and radium (Ra), AuRa elevates jewelry packaging design to a sophisticated and multi-faceted level. Aiming for minimalistic elegance, AuRa uses defined angles and lines in their black and white themed packaging to create the ultimate clean effect. For medium to large jewelry, consumers will find a pure white cube with a silver and gold AuRa inscribed on the top. The jewelry is then encased in a small, clear glass cube lined with black velvet. Smaller pieces, such as rings, are delivered in the same small, clear glass cube, and the ring is secured inside of the cube using a second cube of glass. AuRa caps off its jewelry packaging design by protecting the product and the environment in white or black cotton canvas bags that are reusable and feature the AuRa logo.


Bringing an element of nature to its designs, KLOTZ uses oiled nutwood to form unorthodox yet innovative jewelry packaging design. A rectangular object, KLOTZ packaging at first appears to lack any way to open it. Remove the leather binding, however, and it is soon revealed that the rectangle is actually cut into two L-shapes. By carefully moving the L-shapes away from each other, the hollowed-out section of one of the L’s discloses a beautiful ring or other jewelry of your choosing. KLOTZ’s mission statement is to not only protect your jewelry but present it through its unique and natural jewelry packaging design.

KK Jewelry

KK Jewelry packaging design gets its inspiration from the beautiful works of origami found on display throughout the world. The goal of KK Jewelry is to distribute and package its jewelry in a safe and easy way while maintaining the elegance and playfulness represented by the concept of origami. Embossed with a pattern of rhombi, KK Jewelry’s origami jewelry packaging design unfolds to reveal a KK Jewelry original charm necklace that fits perfectly into the center of the unique paper packaging.


INGRID jewelry packaging design is unique in every way possible. From its color scheme of white and lavender to its rock-emulating shape, INGRID treats your eyes and your jewelry collection to a surprise. Garnering its inspiration from interstellar rocks and debris, INGRID jewelry packaging design comes in a small, angular container which can be unscrewed to reveal the piece awaiting your collection. The bags and boxes have emblems of the moon, planets, rings, and other mystical scepters on a lavender and white backdrop. The box containing the jewelry encasement is secured with foam and perfect dimensions that do not allow the jewelry to be jostled. One of the more interesting designs, INGRID is breaking barriers in the field of jewelry packaging design one box at a time.

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