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Japanese Style Wine and Sake Packaging


By Elizabeth Sanchez.

Here we have some beautifully crafted wine packaging. Technically the beverage, titled Rice Enoir, is a rice sake. It is said to have a fruity flavor and a “brilliant balance of sweet and sour.” Sciencewerk and Roby Dwi Antono explain the message behind their design..

This is a packaging mockup  for a design brief from Riceenoir Sake. (yep, without the real riceenoir brown coloured sake) The Sake made from Kodaimai Rice (リセノワール).  It boasts a refreshing fruity flavor with a brilliant balance of sweet and sour. It is also rich in minerals including polyphenol; a popular mineral among young women for its health and beauty benefits. The product name Riceenoir means black rice. The design is also to promote the japanese town “Setouchi” derived from Seto Inland Sea. Popular for the fishery business. We created an identity and drawing inspired from both fishery & brewery business. The illustration is drawn by Indonesian artist Roby Dwi antono to represent the whole concept of the story, a surrealistic approach, a tale about a Fishmen who brew the sake.

For starters I think the illustration is great. The fish fisherman hybrid is bazaar ill give you that but it is also intriguing; I spent way too long staring at it. The fish-man looks like it could be a character from some ancient small-town legend. Additionally I found it a lil humorous–humor is never a bad thing.


The box is really nice and simple. Three boxes can line up to make the image or the image can be seen wrapped around one box. The designer left the boxes simple as to not overwhelm the drawing which deservingly is the main focus of the design.

Japanese-Style-Beverage-Packaging Japanese-influence-packaging-illustration Japanese-style-wine-packaging

Lastly the glass bottle itself is quite appetizing. The clear glass combined with the frosted logo makes the beverage look refreshing, pure, and appealing. The wood cap adds a handcrafted touch.

Glass-beverage-packaging Japanese-style-wine-sake-packaging

Elizabeth Sanchez
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