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Japanese Packaging Design

Japanese Packaging Design

Japanese packaging design trends are increasing more and more in the marketplace. Both Locally, and nationwide. Known as innovators, not imitators with an emphasis on clean, simple, and creatively unique designs centering on all things “Kawaii“, it is not hard to see why.

One of our newly discovered (and now favorite) Japan-based designers D-Bros philosophy behind their designs is simple too – “Design is (meant to be) Fun”. 

Clear in the many things they have launched (showcased below), the element of “fun” is never forgotten in the creation of the packaging designs. Often becoming one, the packaging and the product, they have re-introduced joy back into mundane tasks.

Featured below:

1. These brilliant notepads are the brain babies of Masashi Tentaku. The pad has 150 sheets all ingeniously wrapped around an actual tree twig stem. Sold individually or packs of six. Designed to mimic even the smallest of details, including the netting used to prevent bruising of the real live fruit.

2.  Beauty and simplicity come together to create this innovative design using a flat plastic sheet as a watering can/watering vase. Why not?

3. Calling all children at heart! Railroad tracks, two-way streets, measuring tape, or tire marks now double as tape. Miniature toy cars, trains, and trucks, beware.