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Inside The Mind of – Olesya Kurulyuk, Graphic Designer

graphic designer

We’ve always wondered about the mental process for a graphic designer.

This posts from Olesya Kurulyuk, a graphic designer from Olso, Norway shows us how she developed this self promotion “kit” if you will, meant to encompass her identity – quite arguably a very challenging task!

Alas, she explains her process:

As a designer I tend to start with an idea and create my designs the way a builder builds a wall – brick by brick.

As a person I aim to reach higher (step by step) and I am eager to learn something new every day.
As a foreigner I have a name that is unusual and can be hard to remember. I want to show that unusual is also unique, and that being a bit different lets you see things others don’t. The result is a logotype focusing on my name with an element (the underline) that represents both a brick and a stair.
I chose a “less is more” approach for my identity that conveys style and quality. It is meant to visually complement my portfolio designs instead of visually competing with them. I therefor carefully chose paper stock and used subtle color throughout the design.
Emily Van Torre
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