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Innovative Egg Packaging

Innovative Egg Packaging

Egg packaging sits within a few common rules – they’re made out of cardboard, they come in dozens and there’s a bit of extra padding in there to avoid the unbearable egg breakage – especially when you specifically bought 12 for something. Otilia Erdelyi redesigned the traditional packaging medium for eggs saying that her goal was to;

“design an innovative package using a small amount of material. It’s made of natural microwaved carton and consists of one piece. The eggs are placed into ellipse-shaped cuts. The eggs are removed by turning the topside.”


Otilia has managed to turn an old favorite into an innovative, environmentally friendly demonstration of how age-old favorites aren’t necessarily the best. The ‘tweaked’ design saves space with it’s stackability, and uses a minimal amount of packaging to boost it’s eco friendliness, whilst remaining functional. The elliptical cutouts allow shoppers to inspect the eggs without needing to open each box.

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By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Elizabeth Sanchez
Blogger about Packaging Design Trends. An advocate of new, fun packaging designs and prototypes. Supporting creative packaging designs worldwide.