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Innovative Crayon packaging!

Innovative Crayon packaging!


– by Seulbi Kim!

Crayons are generally considered to be used by children, but there are also other potential users, which means crayons are no longer the preserve of particular users, children. Therefore, I tried to put a new concept of usability and beauty of crayon box which can satisfy all users with this packaging design.

The concept is derived from no existed borders among users. By choosing orange as a dominant color, it still seems lively although it becomes more simple and sophisticated to be able to target all people as potential users. Also, in order to protect its contents as a case, and help users use it more practical, you can make it fold in 2 different directions for standing crayons against triangular frame on the desk or rolling up to close it.
The basic concept of this can be applied in different purpose such as a pencil case.

Love the hand silkscreened box!!



By G+ Author: Chris Warren.


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