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Innovative Aluminium Wine Bottles

Innovative Aluminium Wine Bottles

Nothing brings a party to a halt like the sound of a wine bottle smashing. The people over at Xana Cruz Design of Portugal have found a way around it, with their innovative aluminium wine bottles for Think Wines.

Made out of aluminium, the bottles are not only shatter proof and more durable than their glass counterparts, but they’re environmentally friendly with no paper labels and 100% recyclable. The aluminium means the bottles are lighter and give them the ability to cool up to 5 times faster than glass and are lighter meaning they’re easier to transport, making them ideal for casual drinks at a friends, BBQs, parties and much more. The bottles are painted with fluorescent paint and the internal walls are coated with a special approved food grade coating.

The innovative packaging design gives the brand a much needed edge in the highly competitive arena of wine marketing. Their unique look will make them pop on shelves, and give consumers something new to try.

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By G+ Author: Chris Warren.

Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.