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Individually Stacked Wine Servings

Individually Stacked Wine Servings

Individual wine servings is now a concept turned into reality for UC Irvine graduates Matt Zimmer, Jodi Wynn and Doug Allan, founders of  STACKED Wines LLC. in Newport Beach.

The trio set out to create individual wine servings which are meant to “do for wine what the can did for the beer industry” according to Wynn, who adds that “Until the ’50s, beer was sold in large bottles. The aluminum can met with resistance.”

Individual Wine Servings

Sold in a 4 pack (stack) of individual servings/$14.99 – you have a choice of chardonnay, merlot, and pinot grigio. The company plans on targeting an outdoorsy culture of picnickers and backpackers, but go on to say that this would also be great at parties.