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IndHED Premium Craft Beer Packaging

IndHED Premium Craft Beer Packaging

These beautiful craft beers were designed as IndHed™ Brewing Co by IndustriaHED™ Projects. IndustriaHED is a Brazilian design agency that focuses on product and packaging design. This is one of the most fun, thought-out beer campaigns from the graphic design world. The focus was on crisp typography and bold colors. Talk about making this bottle stand out amongst the crowd of craft and major beers. Check out their BeHance page for more progress and product images!



IndHed™ Brewing Co by IndustriaHED™
High quality beer for creative and out going consumers.
Creativity and craftsmanship are the concepts behind the brand.

Check out the concept design for branding and packaging, to printing and product display. Click any image to open the Gallery for high res images:



Art Director: Eduardo Andrade

Photography: Eduardo Andrade & Studio Conci