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Hot Brand Alert: Beats Packaging

Hot Brand Alert: Beats Packaging

Beats by Dre, the king of all headphones, has taken the music and entertainment industry by storm. The personalizable headphones put out the clearest, most desirable music-listening experience that anyone can hope for. From the fresh base to the emotional vibes, Beats headphones are a must-have. One thing that has helped the rise of these prolific headphones has been the Beats packaging. Let’s check out why these Beats packaging examples set the brand apart from its competitors.



Matte is in, glossy is out. The crisp, seductive look of matte packaging is all the rage right now, and Beats packaging has certainly lead the way for the music industry. The black and white matte packaging of beats, complemented by the glossy outline of headphones, allows the product to stand out against a mysterious, sophisticated matte background. Plus, the feel of this matte on the Beats packaging is smooth, just like the soundwaves you’re about to indulge in.


All expensive, hard-to-replace products come in a case, right? Right. Beats packaging capitalized on this, making their product seem elusive and expensive (which are both true) by packaging the headphones in a matte case within the box. This case further builds on the seductive, mysterious storyline promoted by the matte exterior packaging. Plus, the Beats packaging case is functional, too, and is perfect for carrying your beats in a workout bag or on a public commute.

Pill Monster

When Beats by Dre released its bluetooth speaker, the Pill, the music world was taken by storm. How was it possible that this relatively small speaker could produce such clear, hypnotic beats? To help promote and personify this product, the Beats packaging team created the Pill Monster, which is a little guy whose mouth is the Pill, expanding his head as far as the Pill can stretch. The funny creature wears a variety of outfits such as a Hawaiian shirt. Basically, the Pill Monster of Beats packaging personifies the fun, kooky, unique times you will have while blasting your music from the Pill with friends, family, and loved ones.



Perhaps the best thing about Beats – aside from their dope sound – is the accessibility to uniquely designed Beats pairs. The Beats packaging masterminds realized that in today’s world it is all about differentiating yourself from the crowd. What better way to do that then to rock some funky headphones as you cruise down the street, on your awesome adventure. From marble to purple to gold, Beats packaging has got your personality covered.

Beats by Dre is here to stay. Keep your eyes peeled for the amazing Beats packaging the company will roll out in 2017!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.