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The Spookiest Halloween Packaging

The Spookiest Halloween Packaging

Candy is a staple for Halloween festivities. But as children trick-or-treat door to door, they can often expect their favorite treats to look the same, only smaller (unless you have cool neighbors).

Rather than offering “fun” sized candy, brands should take the opportunity to reinvent, stretch, and spookify their Halloween packaging.

Luckily, the creatives on Behance share their own Halloween packaging for candies and treats. While you won’t find these in your trick-or-treat bag, you can only imagine what candy would become every kid’s favorite if a brand applied more creativity! Maybe even Whoopers would have a chance if packaged as eyeballs. Or even the plain Hershey bar could become more dynamic as a RIP tombstone. Until then, check out the creative work of these agencies and individuals.

Click on the images to enlarge and view in a gallery format.


1. Zombís

Zombís frozen treat is enjoyed right out of the brain! This packaging, executed by the Brandenburg ad agency, plays with funny faces and cool shapes that children would love. If the ice pop begins to melt, it even looks like the Zombís’ head is cut open. While not an option for trick-or-treating, Zombís would be perfect for parties or a quick treat after carving pumpkins.



Amrit Pal Singh conceptualized these “haunted delights,” with festive names, descriptions and packaging designs. The Halloween treats maintain unique color combinations, avoiding the traditional orange and halloween, instead using a soft color palette. This decision really lets the product and artwork’s gore and creativity come front and center.

3. Monster Munch Chocolate Bars

Halloween costumes can be cute or scary, and same goes for candy! Jackenstein, Jackcula and a Jack-o-Lantern enjoy milk chocolate bars in this special project created for Jackrabbit Design and designed by Jessica Gill Barry and Christopher Ariñez. Clearly this team knew the power of branding and applied it through the name changes and cartoon.






Happy Halloween from The Packaging Insider!

If you have anymore favorite Halloween candy packaging favorites, please share with the design community and comment below.

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