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Gift Packaging: The Dream Car From Huzi Design

Gift Packaging: The Dream Car From Huzi Design


Almost every man owned a wooden toy car in his childhood. But do you know that a classic wooden car can be re-invented into a cute but elegant gift?


The Dream Car is the example of such reinvention. It is a modern spin on the wooden toy car. It is an artwork of sublime design and meticulous craft. It is handcrafted from natural walnut, beech and poplar woo


Unlike those useless room decorations, the Dream Car is a cute gadget that takes creativity into your own hands. The car has a patented magnet system – you can change the car body into varies shapes by yourself. In this way, you can build your own dream car with the smart magnet system and your imaginative touch. Car bodies are in beautiful chalkboard paint that allows you to draw the car body with chalks.




Dream Car’ designing company, Huzi Design, describes the Dream Car as a gift built to last because it is minimal and matt finish. Huzi wants to build a simple yet sophisticated, playful yet elegant brand identity. Dream Car’s packaging expresses the gift’s features as well as the company’s values. The packaging carries the story of simplicity, dreams and imagination.

dream car 8 dream car 9

By embracing simplicity, the packaging encourages playful kids and adults to stay curious. There are only three simple graphic icons on the packaging explaining the main features of the products. The graphic icons come with the color that represents freedom and imagination – sky blue.

dream car 10 dream car 11


The inside of the packaging is an elegant presentation of the car’s components. Once you open the box, you will know it is a gift of creativity and imagination from its layout.

If you are interested in this crafted gift, you can purchase your Dream Car at Huzi Design’s website.

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