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Fun Ice-cream and Candy Packaging


Behold Wonder Ice-cream, designed by Cosa Nostra a Polish advertising agency.

The purpose of this project, they state, was  to create packaging design for the Wonder Company from India.

They designed 12 packages which were based on the flavor pattern. The project includes Ice cream tube, candy bar and ice cream box. These packages would definitely pop-out on shelves..but are the colors unappetizing? Enjoy the fun and colorful designs below! My favorite is the Pistachio pattern, yum.

Chocolate_Icecream_Candy_Packaging Pistachio_Ice-cream_and_Candy_Packaging Strawberry_Ice-cream_Candy_Packaging Raspberry_icecream_packaging Ice-cream_sundae_packaging Mango_icecream_packaging Black_Currant_Candy_Packaging Butterscotch_Candy_Packaging Vanilla_Dessert_Packaging  

Elizabeth Sanchez
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