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Frozen Food Packaging Design

Frozen Food Packaging Design


Oumph seeks to bring some excitement to frozen food packaging. Their spunky, creative designs inspire feelings of fun and innovation for the consumer who is in a bit of a rush and needs some quality frozen food. The graphics are inspired by the chalk writing of food truck menus, many of which enjoy adding flair to their chalkboard menus similar to the flair Oumph has tried to replicate. Likewise, Oumph makes its frozen food packaging entirely from the protein fibers of beans and bean stalks, meaning that the packaging is one hundred percent biodegradable and will not contribute to the growing problem of global waste.


Taking its frozen food packaging to the more elegant side of things, Sibaritus aims to provide top quality entrees and desserts of the frozen variety. Sibaritus believes that just because a meal is frozen does mean that the meal has to lack any quality or flavor. Some of its offerings include frozen fish, frozen eggplant parmesan, and frozen chocolate cake. The packaging is clean and modern, using tones of white and grey for the advertising, and colorfully clear pictures of the delectable dish featured inside of the frozen food packaging.


A common theme among these frozen food packaging designs is to convey the idea that frozen food can still be gourmet. EatReal is no exception to this rule. Currently, there are two designs featured that aim to combine colorful and delicious concepts for some superb frozen food packaging ideas. The first one is lemongrass chicken, and features packaging bursting with hues of greens and complementary colors to bring the idea to life. The second idea, pomegranate chicken, uses the rich red of pomegranates to illustrate the amazing dish enclosed in this frozen food packaging.


ASDA frozen puddings’ frozen food packaging is enough to make you drool just looking at them. From strawberry gateau to profiteroles, the brightly colored frozen food packaging designs draw you in and then sell you with the creative uses of primary color and detailed photography. For example, the strawberry gateau uses a magenta background with a foreground filled with the sugary delight, even showing a piece cut from the cake to tantalize the buyer even more. Other color combinations include purple and mocha for chocolate cake and yellow and cream for lemon meringue pie.

Birds Eye

Birds Eye, a well-known company when it comes to frozen food and frozen food packaging, looked at some redesigns to spark renewed interest in some of the frozen food options they provide. Similar to Oumph, Birds Eye took a new look at sustainable packaging and integrated some new practices into their frozen food packaging designs. Using recycled and biodegradable cardboard, Birds Eye integrated illustrations and words that almost look like they could be straight out of an artists’ sketchbook. The Birds Eye slogan shape appears in a corresponding color to the dish (green for peas, blue for seafood, etc.) in the background of all packaging. The simplicity of this frozen food packaging speaks for itself and its dedication to gourmet food and sustainability.

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.