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Food Packaging You Wish You Had Now

Food Packaging You Wish You Had Now

Sometimes we see packaging designs that are so practical, useful, and aesthetically amazing that we can’t believe we ever used an alternative! Food packaging is one area where we consistently see bright concepts that improve on current packaging practices with practical, smart fixes to detail. Here are some of our favorites:

Conscious Beekeeper created by Nadya Filatova & Masha Popova

This honey jar is made out of 100% beeswax, making it a completely natural, renewable, recyclable product! When you’ve finished your honey, you can use it as a wax candle, store cosmetics, plant a flower…the uses go on. The designers envision the jar being used by beekeepers who use ethical beekeeping methods, and as a way to raise awareness about the importance of bees in our ecosystems.

Cowberry Crossing Egg Packaging created by Alexandra Borrelli

Cowberry Crossing is an organic farm in New York that useful environmentally-conscious, sustainable farming methods. Staying on brand, they wanted to update the current egg packaging that is often bulky,ugly, and uses Styrofoams and plastics. This design has a rustic quality, incorporates a totally useful handle (why don’t we have that already?!) and we can envision them being made with recycled cardboard materials.

Organic Earth Fruit Preserves created by Diana Graham

Such a simple update to details makes all the different for the jams and preserves market. The adorable illustrations of fruit on the lids of these jars make complete use of shape and color on real estate that is generally underutilized (since lids are usually just plain, metal, and boring).

Sushi Roll Container created by Jordan Hau

We are astonished that this isn’t the norm for transporting sushi rolls! The design is very clever and takes into account re-usability and portability: the outer-shell is re-usable and can be washed (only the paper surrounding the roll needs to be replaced with each use) and the entire container is collapsible.

Pull Wrap created by Matthijs Kok

For those of us that eat on the go but want to avoid a mess, Pull Wrap is the perfect solution. As you pull on the tab, the contents are pushed out so you can start eating without getting your hands dirty or risking spills onto your clothes or the floor. There are other “on-the-go” boxes out there, but the attention to peoples’ needs here is especially strong and innovative!

Has this post made you hungry yet? Let us know what your favorite “why-hasn’t-that-been-done-before” designs are!

  • Thanks for this post – and must say all of the packaging styles are unique and wonderful love to have them for me.