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Food Packaging Designs, as fresh as it gets!

Food Packaging Designs, as fresh as it gets!

Some things in life are just better fresh, like food, food is better fresh. It’s one thing to whip up and deliver good food to your customers, but to go the extra mile and incorporate creative and thoughtful food packaging, now that’s fresh, literally and figuratively.

Let’s take a look at a few brands who did it right, or at least went out on a limb, when it came to food packaging and clever design.

This first one is always expected to be hot and fresh when it arrives at the door, pizza! Think about it, when it’s time for pizza, its time to chow down, who needs plates, eat from the box, literally! These days, even pizza has gone green. The below pizza box, by GreenBox is Eco-friendly and comes equipped with instructions for easily cutting the pizza box into plates. If only the box could work as napkins too. food packaging Have you ever heard the phrase, “what you see is what you get?” I think this realistic fruit skin juice box packaging takes first place when it comes to actually seeing what you get. These creative juice boxes would certainly spice up the lunch box of any child, not to mention teach a quick lesson about the looks and taste of different fruits. I guess the big question here would be, is the juice inside 100% purely the juice of the fruit? Aka kid tested, mother approved!

food-packaging-ma-1 What about sushi, no one likes stale sushi! Do you remember those push-up ice cream popsicles that you used to order from the ice-cream truck? Well, imagine that … but with your favorite sushi roll inside. Yes, this actually exists. If you can’t seem to eat your sushi fast enough, guilty over here, than the on-the-go Sushi Popper would be perfect for you.

food packaging Okay sweets lovers, your up next. If you ask me, there are few things in the baking department that are more desirable than freshly baked cookies, straight from the oven. Clearly, someone else thought so too because they decided to make food packaging that speaks for itself when it comes to “fresh out of the oven.”

If you don’t have time to bake cookies yourself, have them delivered … still straight from the oven. If you want me to warm your heart even further, this idea was thought up by a family in efforts to celebrate their great grandmother, Thelma’s, 108th birthday. Thelma was of course famous for her cookie baking abilities. See logo “Thelma’s” on the top of the box.

food packaging This next one is another Eco-friendly packaging idea and an adorable DIY project for fresh and trendy food packaging. Egg cartons! They come in many colors and sizes and are pre-set with the perfect holding places for any small cookie or pastry, in this case baby cupcakes. Perfect opportunity for a craft, and a great way to keep your snack in place for travel!

food packaging Lastly, let’s wrap up with some fruit. If I might add, fruit is just one of those foods that you expect to be fresh every time, especially if it is still in it’s packaging. We’re going back to the whole, “what you see is what you get,” thing with this food packaging trend. In this case, the actual non-edible packaging is quite plain however, there is a reason. The food itself is the packaging design, and a clever one at that. Great thinking by the makers of “Fruit Figures.”

food packaging Well, there you have it. Sorry if we made you hungry, but we hope these fresh food packaging trends have inspired you. There is no limitations when it comes to getting creative with food itself, and the design that draws our eye to it.

Julianne Stanley
Beauty is in the eye of the packaging holder