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Flower Packaging Boxes

Flower Packaging Boxes

Flowers make a great gift and decoration for the home or office. From the bright colors to the delightful scents, flowers are nature’s gift to us. The flower packaging boxes associated with these bright bouquets is just as important as the beautiful flowers inside. Flower packaging boxes should reflect the earthy, natural beauty associated with the blooms inside.

Flower Shop Boxes

These boxes, a creative project from a British designer in London, are the beginnings of what could be some truly delightful flower packaging boxes. The boxes utilize bright colors and draw clear inspiration from flower stalks and blades of grass. The boxes are also flower-friendly, with a milk carton-esque design that opens outward instead of inward at the top of the box. There is also an option to affix brightly colored ribbons to these boxes. With a few different designs currently in the works, we hope to see these flower packaging boxes on the market sometime soon!

Coco Fiori

Created by an Armenian designer for Backbone Branding, this Coco Fiori “Share Collection” takes a revolutionary approach to flower packaging boxes, featuring hexagonal boxes that can be broken down to reveal smaller, individual cut-away boxes. Each of the cut-away boxes has the capability to hold a bountiful bouquet. However, when each box is placed with its sides against another cut-away, the bouquets join together as one hexagonal bouquet from a top view. The result is quite stunning and pleasing to the eye. Of course, the cut-away boxes can be combined to reveal a variety of shapes of the customer’s choosing.

Home Delivery Flower Pack

Designed by yet another British innovator, this home delivery flower pack seeks to provide the be-all, end-all solution to the all-too-common crushed flowers we receive when they are delivered to our door. These flower packaging boxes feature unique, careful angles and shapes that allow the flowers to expand and settle while in the box without risking being crushed. For more tightly wrapped bouquets, a cylindrical parcel similar to a document-carrier has been devised. The cylinder allows the flowers to once again settle without compromising their petals or stems.

Tender Trails

This designer had the bright idea to make flower packaging boxes part of the eventual display of the flowers themselves. The boxes are cylindrical in shape and feature cut-outs to allow the flower to settle and obtain sunlight and fresh air. There is an option to affix a bow or other decorations on the top of the box, which is carried with two satin handles. Upon receiving the box, you simply remove the top part (the box separates at the middle), uncovering the beautiful blooms of the flower and leaving the bottom part of the box to act as a holder for the pot or dirt in which the flowers are placed.


Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.