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Floral Packaging

Floral Packaging

There is a certain elegance, grace, and attractiveness associated with floral packaging. The fact that floral packaging can be used for so many different industries only further proves that it is a consumer favorite. From brightly colored flowers to more sophisticated and subtle designs, these floral packaging designs are a treat for the eye of any consumer, designer, or creative mind.

POMME Cosmetics

POMME cosmetics is a student project that highlights one of the many ways that floral packaging can be used to give a brand a lasting, glowing reputation. In this project, brightly colored flowers are used to illustrate the scents contained in the box. “Pink Perfection” has a welcoming pink flower behind it, reminiscent of a peony. “Aqua Marine” features a deep blue flower, and “Lustrous Lilly” illustrates a gorgeous purple, pink, and blue lily as its background. This project took advantage of floral packaging to elevate its brand to a sophisticated level.

Le Jardin

Le Jardin is a proposed wine company whose basis is some incredibly intricate floral packaging. Le Jardin uses more subdued tones to bring its floral packaging to life, offering bottles with a rose hue, a purple hue, and a light pink hue. Each of the bottles is completely covered in delicate floral packaging that also features birds, bees, and feathers. The carefully sketched designs are reminiscent of Victorian times, and are certainly the focal point of the bottle. The brand name is nearly hidden among the vines and flowers, and is printed in such a way as to let the floral packaging be the filler for the letters.

Swallowtail Vineyards

Swallowtail Vineyards is another proposed wine company that sees the benefit in utilizing floral packaging as a main branding focal point. However, Swallowtail Vineyards employs more lifelike, vibrant floral packaging, and it is nothing but gorgeous. The floral packaging covers the labels that go around the center of reach bottle, and the label uses the abbreviation “SWLWTL,” and shows similarities to the style of Le Jardin in that the wording is see-through so as to emphasize the beauty in the floral packaging.

Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare embodies happy floral packaging with its delightful patterns of yellow, blue, robin’s egg blue, and moss yellow-green. One of the ways Pai Skincare differentiates its floral packaging from other companies is that instead of letting the floral pattern crowd the packaging space, the pattern is lightly sprinkled over the white background, giving the whole brand a very clean and refreshing feel.

Although many associate floral packaging with spring and summer, it can be used year-round as a way to entice customers to think of warm, sunny days, even when they may be lacking. What are some of your favorite floral packaging designs?

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.