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Watches packaged underwater; new packaging trend?


By G+ Author: Chris Warren.


This is NOT your average watch package. Art Director, Ralf Schroeder of Germany, describes the purpose of this packaging:

The quality promised by Festina Profundo is that this watch stays waterproof. How can such a claim be visualized in a packaging design that satisfies a demanding target group and demonstrates the quality of the product convincingly? The solution shows a highly vivid implementation: according to the motto “We believe in what we see”, the packaging aims to have maximum transparency.

The watch comes in a transparent bag filled with distilled water, a striking and convincing packaging solution that demonstrates the advantage of the watch without the need for words. Featuring only the company logo and slogan, this packaging thus submits the product to quality control directly at the point of sale and serves as a mark of confidence at the same time. By being subjected to this visible test of endurance, the watch is able to immediately convince the customers of its particularly high quality.

The way in which it is packaged surly is convincing of the quality of the watch. I do have to wonder how cost and eco-efficient this packaging is. It tends to remind me of the goldfish bags you got at carnivals as a child which makes me giddy. I can’t imagine this becoming a big trend, as the production and design cost must be enormous, nonetheless it is certainly a nod to the innovation that is to come!

festina-watches-packaged-water-packaging-trend-2013 festina-watches-packaged-water-packaging-trend-2013 festina-watches-packaged-water-packaging-trend-2013

Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.