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Exquisite Packaging for ZADOR Soap

Exquisite Packaging for ZADOR Soap

The personality of soap can be expressed through the color as well as the design of the package. Some of them feature an eco-friendly and organic presentation, while the others emphasize on stylishness and creativity. Recently, Hungarian graphic designer Eszter Laki helped ZADOR, a soap manufactory from Balaton Highland with its new branding design.


ZADOR believes that every soap tells a story and the consumers can feel the story by the packaging. The family manufactory values innovation and style, while it respects tradition and naturalism. The soap family uses only natural ingredients. With the combination of natural ingredients and modern processes, the soaps always meet the best internal and external quality. The final phrase of soap production is packaging. ZADOR soaps are packed by hand, thereby each piece of ZADOR soap is filled with love and care.


The goal for the packaging design was to mix the manuality with a sense of luxury and exclusivity. Eszter Laki drew the ornaments for ZADOR’s 7 different fragrance  (cocoa, lavender, cherry blossom, red grape, paprika, fig & pear and rose) with a brushpen. The manufactory logo and the “Z” sign are gold to indicate its luxury and elegance.  Every soap is wrapped manually, with a black cardboard ring banded around the soap.


ZADOR’s soaps take effect on senses not only by inner qualities but also appearance. Its packaging design is a successful case of refined luxury and European traditions. The packaging tells a story of how people near the Balaton Highland cherish the gifts from nature and respect European traditions; a story of how ZADOR stays in harmony with the mother Earth, and utilize the most modern technologies.


If you like Eszter Laki’s work, have a look at his online portfolio and experience the beauty of hand crafted designs.


Elizabeth Sanchez
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