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Etsy Packaging Ideas for Every Business

Etsy Packaging Ideas for Every Business

Etsy Packaging Ideas for Every Business

So, you’ve got your business, you’ve got your clients, you’ve got your product… but you don’t know how to package your product in a way that pays tribute to all your hard work? We’ve got you covered. Some of the best packaging ideas are DIY projects that show the creativity and hours of work put behind the product itself. Etsy packaging ideas are easy, pretty, and fun to do. Check it out!


Jewelry packaging is just as important as the jewelry itself. You want to represent your art in a way that invites the consumer in from the minute they open the package. Some of the best Etsy packaging ideas for jewelry include using small, inexpensive baggies to elegantly ship out your jewelry. For example, the chocolate-satin bags are perfect for gold jewelry and stone jewelry because of the complementing color hues. More light-hearted boxes with fun prints on them are also a great choice for Etsy packaging ideas.


Packaging up clothes can be hard, but these little Etsy Packaging Ideas can help make packaging and displaying your company’s clothes a tad easier. Consider the vintage hangers. These 1960s retro hangers will provide a hip vibe to your clothes and transport shoppers back in time. Cut care labels are easy and add an element of heart and soul that is rarely found anymore in large clothing companies. Lastly, the hanging branch clothing rack is a beautiful, affordable, and easy way to create space in your shop while fostering a laid back, outdoorsy feel.


Food gives you the chance to be exceptionally creative when it comes to boxing things up. These Etsy packaging ideas are cute and welcoming, just like your food. One of our favorites is the ice cream truck cupcake box because it is artistic and super easy. Plus, your lovely cupcakes won’t get smashed! Other cute Etsy packaging ideas include handmade stamps to put on top of plain cardboard boxes. Couple the stamps with some pretty twine or ribbons and you have transformed a plain cardboard box into a masterpiece – just like the food within.


Candles are one of the top sellers when it comes to home businesses. As most of you know, the packaging of a candle is often the deciding factor when it comes to someone buying it or not. Take a look at the below Etsy packaging ideas to up your candle game. Our favorite is the honey-themed box. Add some cute and relevant soaps or trinkets with your candles when you ship them out. Consumers are more likely to remember you and favorable review you that way!

Etsy packaging ideas are amazing, and better yet, there are thousands of them. Head over to Etsy to start designing your best packaging yet.

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.