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Environmentally Friendly Light Bulb Packaging

Environmentally Friendly Light Bulb Packaging

Csenge Jenei had a lightbulb moment for her school project to design the packaging for a light bulb (pun intended).

design sketches

The packaging is designed to look like 3 different leaves, depending on the type of lightbulb purchased. The packaging contains information on the amount of energy the light bulb uses in the form of a grade. This allows consumers to make educated decisions about which light bulb to purchase and can actively choose to use a more eco friendly bulb.

lightbulb packaging 5

The pouch like packaging makes it easy to pull out an individual bulb from the box without worrying about accidentally breaking it in the process, and also makes it easy to identify which bulb you’re selecting. A very innovative design using eco friendly materials!

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Elizabeth Sanchez
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