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Unexpected Eco Friendly Packaging Design

Eco friendly packaging design- Kit

Eco friendly packaging design has made an impression on businesses and consumers as a superior packaging trend. Eco friendly packaging designs may reduce the amount of supplies used, come from reusable materials, or be made from renewable sources. While establishing environmentally practices, brands and students look to apply these principles. However, successful eco friendly packaging saves the Earth without hurting branding initiatives. See how different designers addressed eco friendly packaging unique to their industry.


Wash Kit Concept

Student designer Angelena Paglia tackles almost every aspect of eco friendly packaging design. First, she cut down on consumer goods by reducing the number of toiletries to the bare essentials in a uni-sex product. Then, she selects durable, but environment-friendly, materials. Finally, she suggests alternate uses for the packaging after the products have been used. The minimalist approach succeeds in design, quality and innovation!


Leeds Juicery

Leeds Juicery is a cold press juice brand from the UK. The brand focuses on a sense of purity, therefore eco-friendly packaging is an easy choice. All of the Leeds Juicery packaging is printed on 100% recycled sugar paper. The artists also add that “Sugar paper also has the beautiful characteristic of changing in prolonged sunlight, just as the ingredients of the product do.” Once again, in eco friendly packaging, artists apply creativity to fit with overall branding.




Oumph produces meat alternatives using 100% beans. But this is not the stereotypical, posh vegan brand. It brings a lot of spirit and flavor through a punk identity. Branding agency Snask and sustainability agency Futerra collaborate for this redesign. The eco friendly materials highlight Oumph’s mission to leave the world off a little better.







What are some of your other favorite eco friendly packaging designs?


Michael Starks
Observing how companies, students and agencies package, design and brand!