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Eco-Friendly Electronic packaging: personal solar panel

Eco-Friendly Electronic packaging: personal solar panel

Renu packaging

all paper package, 100% reusable/recyclable

Regen’s renu panel is enclosed in a simple recycled cardboard box.

Instead of using large amounts of ink the regen logo is die cut and offset by a vividly colored slide-in product brochure that could be reused as a poster. Minimal use of ink further emphasizes the low environmental impact of the product.  Inside the box a thin muslin bag covers the panel itself. The bag is made from recycled fabric and crafted by local fashion designers. Under the panel the micro USB cable and emergency wall charger are embedded in die cut layers of cardboard. This layered cardboard topography, utilized instead of foams or other padding, negates the use of plastic fasteners, giving the package a greater ability to be recycled and underscoring the commitment to eco-consciousness that the renu panel engenders.

Each package also comes with a remote places postcard. This card showcases an area of the world that is marked by beauty and inaccessibility to power. The postcards emphasize the diversity of spaces in which the renu panel can be used.  With minimal use of inks, zero tolerance to plastics, and a simple yet refined aesthetic the renu’s box encompasses both eco-friendly and design-conscious markets, creating it’s own unique niche.


By G+ Author: Chris Warren.

Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.