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Easter Egg Packaging

Easter Egg Packaging Creative Color Painted Easter Eggs

Easter is fast approaching. Chocolate brands are in stiff competition as they try to get shopper attention with their Easter Egg packaging designs. Shoppers storm supermarkets and outlets to pick up the fanciest design egg packagings from the shelf. Easter packaging schemes should be different from the other packaging designs especially for brands whose products are available throughout the year to differentiate the seasonal offerings. Here are some of the best Easter egg packaging ideas.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

The egg casings consist entirely of materials that are renewable and plant based, as opposed to using plastic wrappers derived from petroleum-based polymers. They are available in family-sized bags and bulk quantities.

Easter Egg Packaging Eco-Friendly Packaging

Amethyst-Inspired Easter Egg Packaging

Available in two stunning colors. The decoration from the Amethyst makes a good Easter gift.

Easter Egg Packaging Amethyst easter egg

Edible Bunny Masks

Your kid would love this Easter gift that comes in a shape of a bunny that can be eaten- festive bunny chocolate mask! It has a holding stick so as to keep fingers free of messes.

Easter Egg Packaging Edible Bunny Masks

Achromatic Chocolate Eggs

Come in Black, White and Gray colors. They are flavored with Milk, Blond, and Dark Chocolate.

Easter Egg Packaging Achromatic Chocolate easter egg

Chocolate Egg-Decorating Kits

Children love drawing – on anything they come across. Egg-Decorating kits include colored markers with edible inks. Thus, the chocolate is still edible after a child has added their creative drawings.

Easter Egg Packaging Chocolate Egg-Decorating Kits for easter eggs

Galactic Easter Egg

An Easter egg packaging that draws inspiration from the outer space and galaxy obsessions. The packaging involves covering eggs in a coat of black paint, then adding navy blue and violet markings over the dried background layer.

Easter Egg Packaging Galactic Easter Egg

Flower Adorned Easter Eggs

The chocolate egg is decorated with vibrant flowers that consist of yellow, violet and green shades. It’s a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Easter Egg Packaging Flower Adorned Easter Eggs

Mousse-Filled Chocolate Eggs

It comes packed in a carton container that includes four milky mousse-filled eggs and a spoon for scooping the fluffy center of the eggs.

Easter Egg Packaging Mousse-Filled Chocolate Eggs

Coconut Chocolate Eggs

If you love coconut and chocolate, you will enjoy this mashup of coconut and chocolate. The packaging is egg shaped but is inspired by coconut’s textured outer layer, covered with cocoa powder.

Easter Egg Packaging Coconut Chocolate Eggs

Antioxidant Easter Eggs

If you are looking to benefit health wise as well as enjoy the sweetness of chocolate, the antioxidant Easter eggs are the best option. They are the best alternative for those with allergies or on a special diet.

Easter Egg Packaging Antioxidant Easter Eggs

Boozy Easter Eggs

Are you a whiskey fan? Boozy Easter eggs come flavored with liqueur, ideal for chocolate and whiskey lovers.

Easter Egg Packaging Boozy Easter Eggs

Dessert Inspired Chocolate Eggs

Most people enjoy having a dessert to compliment a meal. Dessert Easter Egg packaging brings the taste of lemon meringue, pecan pie, and fudge brownies. They include the real meringue, pecans, and fudge on top of the egg packaging.

Easter Egg Packaging Dessert Inspired Chocolate Eggs

Egg Carton Chocolates

Egg-shaped milk chocolates are arranged in groups of six to look as if they are sitting in a carton. They sit on an almond base to give the rectangular shape of the package. Everything in this packaging is edible.

Easter Egg Packaging Egg Carton Chocolates

Luxury Easter Eggs

The luxurious Easter egg is made with less sugar and more cocoa. It’s a perfect gift for an adult person, as it comes in a stunning gift box.It can serve as a gift for someone you hold in respect.

Easter Egg Packaging Luxury Easter Eggs

Nested Easter Eggs

Nested Easter Eggs come in one of the most creative packagings. Strands of shredded kraft paper create a twig-like base that resembles a bird’s nest. The egg chocolate sits on top of this base.

Easter Egg Packaging Nested Easter Eggs

Realistic Easter Eggs

Unlike other Easter egg packaging, the realistic Easter egg packaging can be peeled and eaten like a regular hard boiled eggs.

Easter Egg Packaging Realistic Easter Eggs

Aviator Easter Eggs

Easter does not have anything to do with aviation, but the connection will impress you. The content is delicious, and packaging is cute and appealing to anyone who loves fancy designs.

Easter Egg Packaging Aviator Easter Eggs

Beehive-Inspired Easter Egg

This is a tasty and artistic egg packaging design inspired by a beehive sculpture. It comes with a realistic hive interior, miniature pieces, and edible bees.

Easter Egg Packaging Beehive-Inspired Easter Egg

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Writer & Student, fascinated with all things packaging. I believe, like an eye-catching packaging design, people will be drawn to you if you are unique and stand out.
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