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Duelicious Coffee Packaging

Duelicious Coffee Packaging

Studio Duel , a Dutch graphic design company, has teamed up with TropaCafe (Dutch as well!) to create a new coffee blend Duelicious“. This unique coffee blend is made out of three sustainable plantations and it is locally roasted in The Netherlands.


Their motto “Let’s Meet Over Coffee!”, is an inspiring message for people to come together and to talk about anything over a hot cup of coffee.

In their brand identity, the Duelicious team has chosen for brown paper bags with a bold black font that highlights their motto. Throughout the branding, the brown paper and black fonts are kept which gives the coffee brand a consistent and warm character.






Both companies have put a lot of effort in designing Duelicious’ product identity and it shows off. The packaging reflects the natural roots and the packaging just makes it that much more appealing. Our opinion: a perfect gift (for yourself!).



Emily Van Torre
I love packaging designs. So why not share it with you?