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Delectable Fruit Packaging

Delectable Fruit Packaging

This packaging for Quick Fruit was dreamt up by Marcel BuerkleNothing has made me crave fruit more than the above and below images. If I were to see these items in a grocery store I would not be able to stop myself from loading my entire cart with them. The packages are for fruit cups of kiwi, oranges and guava, but lets be real, you could convince me to eat mud if it were served in these packages. What makes them so great?

1. The size: It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.
2. The Shape: It looks like the fruit was cut in half! So cool! Also it is pod-shaped, which I seem to find particularly adorable(I was obsessed with those Poland Spring Aquapods)
3. The Colors: Um yum! The bold colors scream “refreshing!” The images on the lid are also extremely appetizing.  
4. Etc: The clear packaging makes the product appear more “honest,” not to mention the food inside looks really good! Lastly, the lid looks easy and mess-free which is always a plus for kid-friendly foods.   

Buerkle says of his work;

The idea behind Quick Fruit packaging is a fruit sliced in half showing the core of the fruit as the lid of the product. A clean, simple logo with the letter “Q” depicting a cup with a spoon appears on the lid and side.

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