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Deerz Handcrafted Goods

Deerz Handcrafted Goods
Deerz is a handcrafted goods brand, with earthy and fresh vibes.
The design rebrand packaging consists primarily of wood, cloth, and cardboard.
Rebranding for online store Deerz. Main range of goods are sweaters and pullovers
with scandinavian patterns. Our task was to create monochrome logotype with unique
lettering and sign, which could have adaptability for wide variety of goods. Creation of
the cloth tags, buttons etc. was also included in the project.
Work began with the logo graphic style search. Detailed versions not initially meet the task at hand.
So the search concentrated on more simple and significant forms. As a result is symbol of deer’s
head made of three pairs of stitches. Additional element (deer’s hoof) has the same graphic
as the main sign and can be used in different situations.
The package box is made of micro corrugated cardboard with the cutted down hoof, through which
you can see the goods. The inner part is going without glue due to dovetail partition. And it looks
like the deer hugging sweater. To extract the inner part you just need to pull “deer” by the tail.
art-director — Pavel Emelyanov
manager — Denis Gluschenko
photographer — Anatoly Vasiliev
photo set — Pavel Emelyanov, Maria Sinutina
Special thanks to F61 work room
for help in project realization
Deer photo by
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Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.