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Cute Asian Inspired Cookie Packaging

Cute Asian Inspired Cookie Packaging

By Elizabeth Sanchez.

These cookie packages for BISC8ITO were designed by Hugo Silva and Catarina Antunes of Portugal-based Soma Design Studio. The designers state that these customized biscuit boxes were inspired by asian packaging design. They used a few recognizable aesthetics often used in asian, more specifically Chinese and Japanese packaging design.

Something we do not often see in western packaging is the use of human faces or cartoons. There are a few notable products that have used human faces on their packages successfully such as Quaker Oats, nonetheless the idea is generally considered taboo.  

Another trait of Asian packaging is the use of bold and cluttered color. Often, especially recently, western designs tend to strive for a more sleek look.  

Lastly(though not really an aesthetic of Asian packaging,) the boxes resemble that of the typical Chinese or Japanese take out containers that we are all familiar with.

The packages above and below delightfully combine characteristics of Chinese/Japanese packaging with the simplicity of western design. The consumer can see the asian influence while not finding the packaging out of place.

P.S. The face on the package in the last image below is literally staring into my soul.

Asian_inspired_bakery_packaging Asian_themed_cookie_packaging Asian_inspired_cookie_packaging_design Asian_inspired_dessert_packaging

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