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Creative Wine Labels on Etsy

Creative Wine Labels on Etsy

Ah, yes, wine. Wine is great. Whether you are having a night in with friends, or throwing some cash on an expensive bottle, wine is a luxury we are lucky to have so readily available. What is not readily available, however, are cute wine labels. Often times, a wine bottle is bland, which makes us assume the wine inside must be bland. These creative wine labels on Etsy are out to change that stigma, providing wine labels as fun as the drink inside.

Wedding Announcements

Give people a reason to pour a happy glass of vino with any of these fun wine labels on Etsy. Multiple crafting companies can help you design a personalized wedding announcement bottle that will reflect the personalities of both you and your partner. Some tips for crafting a wedding announcement wine label are to make the font clear, the date of your wedding easily noticeable, and the location should be complete with a zip code in case of a duplicate address.

Pregnancy Announcements

Although you may not be able to drink, using wine labels on Etsy are a celebratory way to announce that you are expecting. Fun ideas include putting an ultrasound picture of your adorable fetus on the bottle with a cute saying like, “Have a glass for my mom!” Other suggestions include using either pink/blue to denote gender (or yellow to be gender neutral), or perhaps even using these wine labels on Etsy to make your formal pregnancy announcement. Be sure to save a label and get it framed!

Thank-You Bottles

Did you recently throw a big event that required the help of friends and family? Treat them to a drink on you with a thoughtful personalized wine label. These examples of thank-you wine labels on Etsy are a perfect starting point for you to design your own. Whether you want glittery, subtle, or somewhere in between, your helpers will be more than happy to receive a custom thank-you bottle of wine.

Birthday Bottles

Birthday bottles of wine are the best bottles of wine, am I right? Who doesn’t love a nice glass of good wine on their birthday?! Use these wine labels on Etsy to help get your creative juices flowing about what you would either want to give to guests or receive from them on your birthday when it comes to wine. If you want to give out a memorable party favor, consider some party-themed custom wine labels and mini bottles to give to friends. If you would rather be on the receiving end, be sure to drop a few design hints to your partner in crime.

What are some of your favorite wine labels on Etsy? Do you have a shop on Etsy we should know about? Tell us about it in the comments!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.