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Creative Water Bottle Packaging

Creative Water Bottle Packaging

Water. The most thirst-quenching drink in the world. Nothing beats an ice cold bottle of water, especially when the water bottle packaging adds to the experience. These water bottle packaging designs seek to elevate your experience while drinking up Mother Nature’s finest offering, pleasing the eyes as much as the water works to replenish your hydration needs. Take a look at these unique water bottle packaging designs and prepare yourself to experience water differently.


Tundra, a carbonated water concept, draws inspiration from just that – the tundra. Using a thick glass bottle and simple white print directly printed onto the bottle, Tundra works to represent the pure, untouched essence of what water is. Elusive yet attainable, pure yet with potential. A screw-on metal cap completes the wildness look. Two 500mL bottles come neatly packaged in a simple black box with mesmerizing 3D graphics in the background to create the sort of calming ambience that a real life tundra can provide.


Deriving its name from the word “pure” in English, Puro represents the epitome of what water bottle packaging should be: clean and inviting. Offered in two ways – sparkling or still – Puro uses a long cylindrical shape to create a calming and sophisticated design for this water bottle packaging. The simple symbols of an upside-down triangle and three waves represent sparkling and still water, respectively, to eliminate the need for too much wording printed on the bottles. The granite and cork toppers to the bottles only add to the sophisticated and natural look of this graceful water bottle packaging design.

The 9th Cloud

The 9th Cloud seeks to bring you water from the gods… or, more realistically, from the clouds. From the cloud’s vapor to the spherical bottle (meant to remind us of the clouds), everything about the 9th Cloud looks to inspire consumers to think outside the bottle and experience life in a new way. The 9th Cloud’s slogan is, “We bring happiness and health,” implying that those two highly sought after traits may have their beginnings in this incredibly innovative water bottle packaging, which is complete with a blue-grey gradient that makes the consumer truly feel as if they are sipping straight from a cloud.

Define Bottle

The hot new trend in H2O consumption is adding natural fruit to your water in order to drink in some extra flavor, as well as extra essential vitamins and minerals. Define Bottle is looking to add to your experience with its creative water bottle packaging. A concoction of glass and bamboo come together to create sturdy bottles that feature two chambers connected by a strainer piece: one chamber is meant for chopped up fruit, the other, for water. The water is free to move between the chambers, but the strainer prevents any fruit bits from affecting the water before it is consumed. With an easy wrist-strap attached to the bottle, you are free to continue your adventures while staying hydrated!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.