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Creative Valentine’s Day Packaging

Creative Valentine’s Day Packaging

Valentine’s Day, you either love it or you hate it. Regardless of whether or not you have a partner to spend it with, everyone can appreciate some of the cute Valentine’s Day packaging that goes along with the holiday. Everything from chocolate to makeup gets a design for this special day of the year. Here are some of our favorite creative Valentine’s Day packaging examples.

Kylie Jenner Makeup

Kylie Jenner is known as a makeup maven. Her lipkits took off a little more than a year ago and the style icon has released multiple holiday-themed makeup packs ever since. This year, her creative Valentine’s Day packaging features red glittery lipstick dripping over the iconic Kylie lips. The makeup itself features shades of pink, maroon, and reds. Cute sayings like “kiss me,” “smooch,” and “sweetheart” adorn the sides of the kits, so be sure to pick one up today!


Whether you’re single or engaged, we could all use a little bit of coffee on Valentine’s Day. Starbucks upped it a notch with its creative Valentine’s Day packaging, which features dark and mysterious coffee like the Verona blend. For a more classic Valentine’s Day vibe, Starbucks released a set of V-Day mugs and tumblers with gold, pink, and red hearts, perfect for the coffee, tea, or latte addict in your life.


This graphic design idea for creative Valentine’s Day packaging ties together all we know and love about Coke: its fun packaging and its great flavor. This graphic design example shows a hand making half of a heart on each bottle. When the bottles are set next to each other, the two hands come together to make a heart. The standard red bottles also feature multi-colored hearts to really ring in the Valentine’s Day spirit.


Nothing says “I love you” quite like a DIY creative Valentine’s Day packaging project. These adorable heart pinatas are the perfect gift for a loved one. You can personalize the color, saying, and even the size of the pinatas. Fill them with candy, gift cards, makeup, K-cups, and anything else your heart desires. The instructions to complete this awesome DIY V-Day project can be found here.

Moet Champagne

Moet champagne takes the cake when it comes to creative Valentine’s Day packaging. The pink packaging not only sets the mood for Valentine’s Day, but will stand out among all the other liquors and wines. The coolest perk of treating you and your partner to Moet is you can literally write on the bottle with a dry erase marker. Valentine’s Day doesn’t get much better than that!

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day themed packaging? Tell us in the comments!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.