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Creative Uses of Glass Packaging

Creative Uses of Glass Packaging

Glass packaging comes in all shapes and sizes, for all different uses and projects. Although plastic is quickly the favorite of companies when it comes to packaging preferences, glass packaging can provide a rustic, artisan, elegant look to nearly any product. Take a look at these creative uses of glass packaging to get your creative juices flowing.

Message Candles

Message candles elevate the use of glass packaging by adding a personal touch to candles. With messages ranging from “congratulations” to “I love you,” message candles display unique glass packaging: a thick, clear bottom with a black upper and silver lettering. The three come together to display an elegant and sophisticated example of glass packaging. Likewise, the whiteness of the candle and wooden wick contribute to a sense of elevated style and appreciation for design.

Spice Packaging

Cooking does not need to be a chore. Finding ways to spruce up your kitchen can make a huge difference in your willingness to whip together a tasty dish for you and your loved ones. One of the best ways to add some flavor to your kitchen is through this spice packaging, which utilizes glass packaging and corks to add a rustic element to your cabinets. Likewise, the glass packaging allows for a clear view of the spices within, so you can get a good sense of when a refill is needed. Finally, the bold lettering further contributes to the rustic vibe. Why keep thses in a cabinet? This glass packaging is begging to be seen (and sprinkled into your favorite dish!).

Gloji Soft Drink

Soft beverage manufacturers are finding all sorts of ways to repurpose glass into the most beautiful glass packaging for sodas and juice drinks. Gloji is a perfect example of this. Gloji won the Gold Pentaward for its creative design this past year in the Soft Drinks and Juices category. The bottle is shaped like an upside-down lightbulb, with the cap serving as what would usually be the base of the lightbulb. The glass packaging element of this drink only further makes it feel as though you are truly drinking inspiration from an actual lightbulb when you pick up a Gloji drink.

Grolsch Reusable Beer Bottle

Ah, beer. How could we make a posting about glass packaging without highlighting some of the more creative uses of glass packaging for beer bottles!? This designer created Grolsch, a reusable beer bottle. The bottle has a rubber stopper for a top that is securely popped into place thanks to the metal caging system around it. You can refill multiple times with beer, beer nuts, or whatever floats your boat. This glass packaging takes the cake for creative beer designs.

Do you know of some insanely creative glass packaging currently on the market? Share your glass packaging designs in the comments!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.