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Creative Meat Packaging Campaigns

Creative Meat Packaging Campaigns

Whether you are a carnivore or not, we can all appreciate a good design campaign. These meat packaging design campaigns combine creativity with delectability. Awaken your inner carnivore as you scroll through these top meat packaging design ideas.


Based out of Barcelona, Spain, CORELLA looks to simplify meat packaging while still emphasizing the beauty of any design campaign. Using a classic black on white color scheme, CORELLA offers illustrations of the animal from which the packaged meat comes, complete with a box drawn on the animal to highlight exactly which cut of meat you are about to purchase. Other information such as nutrition facts are listed under the illustration. This clean, simple meat packaging design is a no-fuss way to understand what you are buying and from which company.

Snap Shack

A fictitious meat packaging company, Snap Shack has created a meat packaging campaign for alligator meat, of all proteins. The goal of this dreamed up company is to be eco-friendly, using recyclable cardboard boxes and low-impact materials to create the packaging. The idea of Snap Shack is to also feature individually wrapped fillets, for quick and easy preparation. Likewise, sauce packages are featured in the box with the fillets. This meat packaging is fun and clearly captures the southern bayou feel with its illustration of the golden eye of an alligator sneakily peering up over the Snap Shack logo.

Fresh & Resh

Fresh & Resh brings colorful meat packaging ideas to the table (no pun intended). This European meat packaging design focuses on the farm fresh fun that can be brought to the family table via meat. Each label on the meat packaging includes a picture of a delectable meal that can be made with the cut of meat. The meat packaging advertising shows families enjoying outdoor picnics, with lines emphasizing the eco-friendliness of the meat and the farms from which it comes.

Frank’s Organic Meats

Frank’s Organic Meats is a design project from Pittsburgh, PA. This meat packaging design campaign goes back to the 1930s style of butcher packaging that featured parchment paper packages and twine knots. The theme of Frank’s Organic Meats is to not only have sustainable meats, but sustainable packaging practices as well, hence the recyclable and biodegradable parchment paper and twine. For cuts that cannot be wrapped in twine, cardboard “lunchboxes” can be quickly assembled. The bold, script logo and sketched cow that headline this meat packaging campaign evoke feelings of a Prohibition Era city street, featuring bright lights and a simpler time.

Do you have a local butcher shop or grocery store that has incredible meat packaging? What ideas do you have to make meat packaging more exciting? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.