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Creative Champagne Bottles

Creative Champagne Bottles

Ring in the New Year right with some of the hottest and most creative champagne bottles on the market. Don’t settle for some lackluster bubble, add flair to your New Year’s Eve get together with these bottles that not only serve as drink holders, but as conversation pieces as well.


Millesime, which means “vintage” in French, has some of the most creative champagne bottles ever designed. The glass bottles all feature a rippled texture complete with a black wax seal to add to the mystique of the bottles. One design even features a blown-glass hole in the center of the bottle, creating an oblong shape for the entire bottle. The goal of Millesime is to give each bottle its own character, one of which will hopefully match the personality of its consumer. To add instant class and conversation to your NYE party, consider Millesime as a top choice!

Moet Rose

Moet Rose, although it s not a champagne, is one of the absolute must-have bottles for New Year’s. Its parent company, Beach Packaging Design, includes a different color permanent market with all of the Moet Rose bottles. This is because each rose bottle has a black, pink space on which you may use the market to write a personalized message. The wine comes in a pink, black, and gold box with artistic touches designed to look like they were hand-drawn with a gold marker. For a final touch, Moet Rose even comes with a book of classy gift stickers so you can give the gift of this creative rose bottle.

Vik Muniz for Perrier

Artist Vik Muniz was contracted by Perrier to create a breathtaking rose bottle. Muniz did not disappoint, and he designed a limited number of
these creative champagne bottles. The bottle itself is covered in delicate Asian-inspired flowers complete with a hummingbird etched onto the interior backside of the bottle to create the illusion that the hummingbird is in the bottle itself. The packaging box, too, delivers. Coated in gold sparkles, a colorful hummingbird, and soft pink undertones, Muniz clearly knew what he was doing in demonstrating the beauty of a drink in the form of artwork.


Designed in Ibiza, Decibel champagne has a simple yet enticing look that allows it to make its mark as one of the most creative champagne bottles this year. The company’s creators have a passion for music and records, and felt that Decibel would be an appropriate name for a champagne that makes its consumer feel alive and passionate. The label of Decibel is rounded, to represent a record, and both e’s are three straight lines, to represent a music staff as found on sheet music.

Champagne is one thing you cannot neglect on New Year’s Eve. It can be the piece that elevates your evening to the next level. Tweet us your New Year’s Eve creative champagne bottles @pkging_insider . Check out our full gallery below and click on the images to enlarge. Cheers!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.