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Creative Candy Boxes

Creative Candy Boxes

Creative, and adoringly attractive candy boxes are meant to target kids, and the young-at-heart, right? But these cute little happy boxes of Polly candy could walk off the shelfs themselves – all they are missing are their legs.

The design is printed in a cardboard box with punchable openings to allow easy access for the candy, resembling that of our beloved childhood candy, Nerds by Wonka. Which features two openings with a tab you can pull to expose the openings and allow the candy to flow into your hand (or your mouth).

The elements of importance were “Ease of use, functionality and playfulness” according to designer Nikolo Kerimov‘s winning contribution in the Packaging Arena Award 2010, sponsored by the Swedish confectionery company Cloetta. A concept we think was well captured, and executed.

Don’t you just love it when concepts meet reality? It’s easier said than done in most cases.