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Cool Ice Cream Packaging

Cool Ice Cream Packaging

When you’re not getting ice cream in a cup or cone, you can opt for these ice cream containers with distinct designs. When you walk down the ice cream freezer aisle, one of these is bound to catch your eye!

Clemmy’s Ice Cream

clemmys Clemmy's Ice Cream

Instead of opting for a small image of the main ingredients, Clemmy’s highlights their bold flavors with ingredients serving as the backdrop of the designs.


Jeni’s Ice Cream

Jenis ice cream containers JENI'S ICE CREAM containers

Jeni’s clear ice cream containers look great with a little bit of the freezer’s frost. The feminine color pallet and handwritten flavors make the packaging seem personal.

Gelato Fiasco

gelato fiasco ice cream containers gelato fiasco ice cream containers

This sophisticated gelato design stands out among ice cream containers with its metal lid and clear container, which honey and jam packaging commonly reserves. The logo, a fist-bumping hand holding an ice cream scooper, looks playful but tasteful. Together, the details work together to provide a sleek, rather than stiff, appearance.

Handmade by Hadley’s

hadley's ice cream containers hadley's ice cream containers

UK brand Hadley’s promises “ice cream and sorbet as it should be.” The amusing packaging features cartoon people enjoying their ice cream in charming scenarios.


New Orleans Ice Cream Company

new orleans

Bring New Orleans flair to your freezer with these printed cartons. The French-inspired design incorporates the ice cream theme to create an original logo and design.


Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.