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Cool and DIY Packaging for Bath Bombs

Cool and DIY Packaging for Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a great soak in the tub with your favorite scented bath bomb? Bath bombs are a great way to use scents, colors, and essential oils to de-stress, relax, and enjoy taking some time for yourself at the start or end of a long day. Here, we will explore some amazing bath bombs available for purchase, and we will also check out some awesome DIY tips so you can pack up your own!

LUSH Cosmetics

LUSH is a beauty company that is dedicated to ensuring all of its products are vegan, sustainable, and not tested on animals. The company also helped to pioneer the bath bomb industry, offering up options of all different colors, scents, and shapes. With fun names like “Intergalactic” and “Guardian of the Forest,” LUSH has definitely knows their stuff. In stores, there is minimal packaging for bath bombs, but LUSH displays the product in heaping piles at locations throughout the store for you to sift through. If you choose to buy, you’ll get to take home your bath bombs in the classic green, yellow, and black LUSH bags.

Ulta Beauty

Another mega beauty chain, Ulta Beauty is seen as one of the supreme experts on all things beauty. Ulta offers some awesome packaging for bath bombs. For example, their nine-pack of truffle bath bombs doesn’t feature any chocolate, but the bath bombs are all decorated to look like candies and cupcakes. They look so good we want to eat them (but… don’t do that). Ulta also offers big bath bombs decorated to look like rainbows, extravagant cupcakes, or a holiday theme.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works recently released its own line of bath bombs called Fizzies. The packaging for bath bombs at Bath and Body Works is fairly minimal, but we love their use of pretty fonts and complementary colors. The simple design of each bath bomb packaging reflects the scent of the fizzy, and the bath bombs that come in little wrappers are especially cute.

DIY Section!

Gift Box

If you are looking to give homemade bath bombs to friends, consider creating your own packaging for bath bombs with this gift box. Simply select a box with a folding top, spray paint and decorate the box to your liking, and fill the box with packaging hay or plastic strips to nestle your goodies into. Friends and family will love the cute, homemade flair of this useful gift.

Snow Cone Design

Get friends into the summer spirit by packaging up your rainbow or other colorful bath bombs in this sno-cone style. All you need is some plastic for gift wrapping, ribbons, and colorful cardstock. These sno-cone bath bombs almost look too good to use, and are a great way to entice customers and friends alike to take a second look at your product.

Mason Jar

Create the ultimate packaging for bath bombs with this Mason jar idea. Not only does this offer up everything needed for an awesome bath experience, but the jar looks so cute, too. Drilling a hole through the metal lid to pull the loofa through is an awesome extra bit of finessing that customers will love.

What do you love to see when it comes to packaging for bath bombs? Do you package your own? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.