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Coke Unveils More Changes to Their Iconic Bottle

Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Coke loves to play around with its branding and package design. Coke is one of a few companies that can really change up their appearance often, due to their extreme prevalence and devoted fans. Here Coke introduces “Coca-Cola Life” a “healthier and eco-friendly option.” The packaging label is green to of course connect with and fit in to the health-food and green market. Though the color is a bit of a strange green, it was a smart choice as to avoid neon-greens that often correlate to cheap products or the lemon/lime flavor.

Design Taxi has written up a summary of the Coca-Cola Life initiative:

In a bid to combat obesity globally and offer a healthier and eco-friendlier option to consumers, soda giant Coca-Cola has launched a new beverage paired with a different look. The alternative to the company’s flagship cola, ‘Coca-Cola Life’ is said to be an all-natural, low-calorie soda packaged in a fully-recyclable plant-based bottleLaunched in Argentina, Coca-Cola Life is made with a mixture of sugar and stevia-based substitute, and contains two times less the calories than regular Coke. The plant-based bottle also consists of 30% recycled natural materials, and is considered to be lighter in weight than regular PET plastic bottles Instead of the brand’s signature red, the drink has been unexpectedly given a green-labeled packaging—designed by Seattle-based design studio Platform—most likely as a way to visually show a “touch of nature”. Coca-Cola Life will rollout globally over the next several months.

Of course people love and hate the new design. One person says, “Nothing sexy about a green-labeled coke bottle I’m sorry.”  Another person says similarly, “I thought I needed to adjust the color on my monitor or something… green and coke just done go together.” While on the other hand someone writes “I like the innocence and the fun in this spot and the green packaging is a huge departure. I’m excited!”

What are your thoughts?  Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013 Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013 Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013 Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013 Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013 Coke Life Green Packaging Trend 2013

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