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Packaging Concept: Coca-Cola Perfumes

Packaging Concept: Coca-Cola Perfumes

A Coca-Cola perfume is not exactly something that I think I would wear. I automatically link it to a “sticky” and sugary smelling fragrance, no thanks. But some people have actually thought about this concept and about what the perfume bottles would look like, if it would ever get produced.


Wonchan Lee, an Australian designer, came up with an appealing and good looking proposal for the packaging. Lee combined the legendary Coca-Cola bottles with a more sophisticated touch. Some perfumes are black, which would look like you are actually spraying on pure Coca-Cola soda. Other ones have pastel colors such as pink, yellow and blue. There’s also a transparent version which, then again, would look like you’re spraying on water.



Coca-Cola perfumes is something I would’ve never seen coming, but I must admit that I really like these creative designs! The only thing I’m not so sure about is the smell: would it really smell like Coca-Cola? I can’t imagine that anyone would want to smell like it…

What do you think about these possible perfumes?

Would you wear it? And what about the packaging?

Leave your thoughts in a comment!

Emily Van Torre
I love packaging designs. So why not share it with you?