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Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottles

Coca-Cola Aluminum Bottles

The Coca-Cola Company is part of a select few brands that need no introduction. It is one of the biggest soft-drink provider in the world, not to mention the most known drink in history, according to their not-so-modest website. Offering what seems a unlimited and vast array of products in an equally (seemingly) endless list of countries. But in case you need the numbers, that’s over 3,500 different beverages in over 200 + countries.

The first of the now iconic contour bottle was designed in 1915 by the Root Glass Company. The bottle designer, Earl R. Dean and his team decided to base the bottle design on the soda’s two ingredients, the coca leaf or the kola nut. Dean couldn’t find any photographs of either, but became inspired by the cocoa pod, and transformed the shape of the pod into this bottle prototype you see below. The prototype never made it to production due to its diameter at the center of the bottle being larger than its base, making it unstable for the conveyor belt.

Original Coca Cola Bottle Design

Their newest packaging choice in this already impressively long line-up? The Aluminum Contour Bottle.

Presented as the sustainable choice (as opposed to the lil ol’ plastic bottles), its constitution of aluminium (BrE) or aluminum (AmE) allows them to be 100% recyclable, not to mention the fact that the bottles are resealable, durable, and substantially reduce packaging by allowing the bottle itself to act as a clear canvas of limitless label possibilities for the brand.

Available for its 3 best sellers: Coca-Cola Classic, Coca-Cola Zero, and the Coca-Cola Diet.


Coca Cola Aluminum Bottle