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Eco-Friendly Flashdrives: GIGS.2.GO

Eco-Friendly Flashdrives: GIGS.2.GO

Check out GIGS2GO! This product is made from molded paper pulp, this inexpensive, credit-card-sized data pack is a fast, easy way to share large files. Super eco-friendly packaging! »

1 Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

Exciting Opportunity: Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

Stora Enso has announced their Recreate Packaging Contest for 2014. The contest is to “Recreate Travel Packaging.” Earlier we had written about 2012’s fabulous winner under the title Packaging Trendsetting, One Eighty Cream for Men. The contest provides students and professionals with the perfect opportunity to showcase their forward thinking and to dive into the issues of todays... »

Packaging Expos and Packaging Trends 2014

Packaging Expos 2014: Help and Materials for your Packaging Design

We get a lot of e-mails asking us where to find certain containers or pre-package design packages, or how to create your product’s package. Unfortunately we are not the experts in this as we only write about the packaging design and environmental aspects of other people’s creations. HOWEVER we compiled for you a list of NYC packaging expos. The expos can be attended as to see/hold/feel... »


Mobile Apps Fighting Packaging-Label Confusion

By G+ Author: Chris Warren. These days there is an app for everything…including packaging. These two apps help make it easier to read through the confusing packaging labels we encounter on the everyday. GuideGuide is an app by GoodGuide, Inc. that helps you cut through all of the green and health information scattered on your packages.Consumers want to do the right thing when it comes to pur... »


Classy Stand-Up Dress Shirt Packaging Concept

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. Here is an innovative way to pack and store dress shirts. This concept was brought to us by Jille Natalino and Elizabeth Kelley of Atlanta. Jille describes their “challenge” below. For the short amount of time and high-set goals the team created a fantastic concept. Though she describes the benefits of the design below ill will reiterate them. The desig... »


Watches packaged underwater; new packaging trend?

By G+ Author: Chris Warren. FESTINA PROFUNDO – THE DIVERS WATCH IN WATER PACKAGING This is NOT your average watch package. Art Director, Ralf Schroeder of Germany, describes the purpose of this packaging: The quality promised by Festina Profundo is that this watch stays waterproof. How can such a claim be visualized in a packaging design that satisfies a demanding target group and demonstrat... »


Packaging Trendsetting, One Eighty Cream for Men

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. Winner of the Stora Enso – Recreate Packaging Contest 2012, this package was design by Finnish Nikolo Kerimov, with the help of Juho Kruskopf and Arttu Kuismaf. Kerimov has the following written on his Behance profile about the project: The packaging is designed to be a sculptural, aesthetic and functional. By using the product, the packaging shapes into a differen... »


Sustainable Natural Delivery Food Packaging

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez. Here is a neat little eco-friendly package we found on The Dieline. The package was designed by Grupo imasD S.A.S, Antioquia, Colombia f0r the Natural Delivery Co. The Dieline writes of the design, An integral packaging design is developed for Natural Delivery, a delivery service of healthy food. The unique structure of the folding box integrates an optimal and saf... »

Redesigning LED Packaging (12)

Eco-friendly LED Lightbulb Package Redesign Proposal

By Elizabeth Sanchez. We are really into this eco-friendly packaging proposal by University of Michigan graduate  Bryant Yee. His LED light bulb packaging has a smorgasbord of eco-conscious features. We would not explain it better than the creator himself so here Yee describes the various sustainable aspects of his proposal. In the next decade, the application of LED bulbs will become increasingly... »

Budweiser Gets Fancy

Budweiser Gets Fancy

Lets talk about Budweiser’s new beer can that is set to debut May 6th.  If you haven’t heard or haven’t gathered from the above image Budweiser is doing something really crazy, they are purposely crushing their cans!! No, just kidding, that isn’t what they are doing. They have made their cans into the shape of a bow-tie to mimic their iconic bow-tie shaped logo.  According ... »

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