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Stunning Candy and Chocolate Packaging

chocolate packaging

Candy and chocolate packaging add to the sweet experience of unwrapping and enjoying a delicious treat. However, candies and chocolates can be eaten in just about any scenario from snacking at a movie theatre to commemorating an anniversary. In this post, we’ve decided to focus on the decadence of candy and chocolate packaging. Those sweet treats that can I saw I love you, I miss you and I’m thinking of you. These candy and chocolate packaging makes the gift so much nicer with the thoughtful designs and creative concepts. Take a look at the galleries and click on the images to enlarge!


Chocolate Concierge chocolate packaging by Anna Farkas

This artisan chocolate by chocolate concierge gets a tasteful design from Anna Farkas. The leafy artwork creates a sophisticated look. Then, the box no only shelters the chocolate but also holds it in place, with a cut out to properly present the chocolate amid a gold foil, a popular 2015 trend.


XOCO chocolate packaging by Toro Pinto

Xoco, owned and operated by a family business in Mexico, created chocolates by hand. This results in quirky shaped chocolates that can be eaten by hand or combined with hot water or milk. TORO PINTO wanted to preserve this home-made feel by creating an authentic, but elegant design. The chocolate’s wrapping has a diagonal white space breaking, yet contributing, to the leafy pattern.


Nohmad chocolate packaging by MARK Studio

Nohmad can be the chocolate choice for any health-conscious consumer. The chocolates are free from soy, dairy and GMO – and are also paleo- and vegan-friendly. The environmentally sustainable product retains its earthy feel with the material, but adds minimalist power with the label.

The Marshmallowist by Eve Warren

The project explains its aspiration citing, “Craving higher quality, a different taste experience, enjoying the finer things in life and looking for the unconventional, fun but grown up aspects of marshmallows.” The high-class treat warrants unique packaging. The peaking window shows off the product’s beauty and originality.

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