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Canadian Government No Longer Policing Food Labels

Canadian Government No Longer Policing Food Labels

In a move to reduce government spending, the Canadian government announced that it will no longer be verifying claims made on food labels. This means that terms like “low fat” and “low sodium” will no longer have to be vetted by the government before being placed on labels. Click through to find out how this will affect manufacturers and consumers.

The Canadian government estimates that this change in policy will save $56 million in year one alone. They plan to reinvest this money in more effective food safety inspection measures.

But consumers haven’t been left completely on their own. There is now a web-based program that consumers can use to reach out to companies if the claims on their labels are questionable. Past experience has shown that companies tend to take leeway with the claims on their labels; time will tell if this new system is effective.

Critics of the new policy point out that it could be harmful for people with severe food allergies or other health problems like diabetes. What do you think about this new labeling policy, and do you ever think a similar policy would be enacted in the US?