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Where to Buy Recyclable Food Packaging

Where to Buy Recyclable Food Packaging

To state the obvious, recycling is important. It helps us reduce our amount of waste while reusing materials more than once. Some industries find this initiative to be more important than others: the restaurant, hospitality, education, and customer service industries, to name a few. Check out these sources of recyclable food packaging to help improve your company’s sustainability!


Clearbags is revolutionizing recyclable food packaging due to its unique clear, compostable bags that can hold everything from perishables to grain and utensils. The company offers flap seal bags, closure bags, hanging bags, and flapless bags. Other options include a flat bottom, side gusset, and heat-seal bag designs. The magic behind this recyclable food packaging is that the bags are made from polylactide acid, which is made up of the lactic acid found in plants, which is compostable. These bags also have FDA approval to be in contact with food for long periods of time.


EcoChoice is another company working to make recyclable food packaging more accessible and affordable for multiple industries. EcoChoice mainly produces compostable plates and utensils – perfect for food prep in the kitchen or for company events like picnics or summits. What makes this recyclable food packaging special is that all of the products made by EcoChoice have sugarcane, which is compostable, as its main ingredient. This fibrous plant is a natural alternative to the chemical-filled, harsh plastics of other reusable, non-recyclable plastic utensils.

Disposable Takeout Food Containers

Another important aspect of the restaurant and hospitality industries is keeping customers happy by allowing them to take home some of the delicacies on which they just dined. In the past, takeout containers or doggy bags have been some of the worst perpetrators when it comes to harming the environment. Companies such as Let’s Go Green have taken a new approach to takeout food containers. Let’s Go Green offers recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable takeout containers. This is a fantastic solution to other food packaging, especially when one considers that numerous cities are jumping onboard the movement to being more sustainable by banning Styrofoam packaging and containers.

Other suggestions to add recyclable food packaging to your business is by reusing shipping boxes to store items like onions and garlic, cooking with recyclable parchment paper when possible, and consult your local town or borough about their recycling protocol and stipulations.

Recyclable food packaging can help business save money while saving the planet. Consider investing in some recyclable food packaging supplies ASAP to start seeing a happier, healthier, more sustainable workplace in a matter of days. Do you have a great idea, suggestion, or know of a company regarding recyclable food packaging? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.