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Budweiser’s New Can Targets Hipsters

Budweiser’s New Can Targets Hipsters

Will Busweiser’s new can and marketing strategy be enough to attract the attention of young, hip beer drinkers? Click through to see how Bud is attempting to win over a younger audience.

Budweiser’s new can design (left) is only one part of the company’s plan to win over younger (but still legal!) drinkers. Bud has fallen 204 spots in consumer loyalty polls in the past 25 years.

The brand’s market has been slowly eaten into by craft breweries and trendy “poor man’s” beers such as Pabst Blue Ribbon. In addition to the can redesign, Bud also ran a national happy hour event last September, handing out free samples in bars throughout the city.

PBR’s marketing efforts have been very focused on drinkers in their 20s (the brand now provides free alcohol at many concerts, art openings and other youth-focused events in major cities). It will take a lot of effort for Budweiser to increase popularity with this market.

The image above the post shows the evolution of Budweiser’s packaging since the brand was created.