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Bring on the Mirth

Bring on the Mirth

This a neat, and inventive gift idea if we’ve ever seen one. Designed to pack some humorous, yet effective punches for a “remarkable Christmas”, we say let’s bring on the MIRTH!

The kit is filled with all the basic essentials according to co-creators Ade Chong, Benjamin Koh, Karen Huang, and Wong Chee Yi, the creative team at Manic who originally constructed it for the company’s friends and clients.

The essentials behind “Manic’s Merrymaking Must-Haves

  • Relabeled Bravado beer for liquid courage and insta-swagger
  • “This Is Water” Water with custom glass bottle and a clever message
  • Disco Dust for calming of “Saturday Night Fevers” packed in a test tube complete with rubber stopper
  • “Naughty” Reindeer sugar cookies
  • Coasters or “Porter Pottys” for your bottles of beer
  • “Good Ol’ Fashioned Mirth” custom made reindeer nose, pipe, speech bubble cut-outs & chalk

All individually packed with a matching theme and equally creative labeling.