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Brands Who Did it Right: Best Holiday Packaging

Brands Who Did it Right: Best Holiday Packaging

Every year, for about two or three months, everything we know about shopping, decorating, and even eating, changes slightly. The onset of the holidays is by far one of the most exciting and heart warming times of the year. That being said, large companies and well known brands are getting more and more “in the spirit of things.” They attempt to contribute to their customers excitement with holiday packaging. Besides, it would be a shame to loose customers during the holidays for let’s say, lack of spirit.

Whether it’s joining in on the epidemic debate of the snowflake-less/anti-Christmas Starbucks cup, or simply getting a little bit more excited than usual to pick up a red bag of M&Ms at the store, holiday packaging effects us whether we like it or not.

As much as I am a die-hard fan of all things holiday, there are many of us who just aren’t. Well, you know what they say, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. Today, I would like to take you through a list of five over achievers when it comes to 2015 holiday packaging, branding and well, seasonal spirit. Take a look.

1. You’ve seen them on TV, you’ve cried during the lost puppy commercial, and you certainly can’t drink this beer without thinking of the infamous Clydesdale horses, you guessed it, Budweiser.

Ringing in a new tradition this holiday season, Budweiser is capturing the attention of lager drinkers everywhere by bringing back an old friend. This year Budweiser is re-introducing their old fashioned wooden crates for beer. Happy holidays and happy 139 years of being America’s number one full-flavored lager. Like Christmas, this holiday packaging is classic, traditional, and makes an excellent gift for the beer man in everyone’s life.

holiday packaging

2. I bet you never saw this one coming. Fast food holiday packaging has arrived.

This year, Burger King has rolled out a full line of holiday packaging, individually tailored to the product. I mean, who wouldn’t want a burger that is just as round as Santa, a burger that also happens to be wearing his very coat? A spatula for a belt buckle, nice touche.

holiday packaging

I am not typically a fast food frequenter myself, but this idea was kind of genius. Burger King definitely captures shoppers attention with this packaging by bringing the eye straight their logo.

3. Does personalization still conquer all in the world of consumption? Coca Cola thinks so.

As one of the nations most admired and recognizable brands, Coke keeps it simple, but funny. We are all used to the Share a Coke campaign by now, but this holiday season, Coke gives us a very special person to share our Coke with. This year, we can share our Coke with Santa, or someone naughty or nice, after all, what is Christmas without the naughty and nice list.

holiday packaging

Coca Cola doesn’t stop there. Take a look at the Christmas campaign that Coke has recently rolled out in the UK. Would you believe me if I told you that you can make a holiday packaging ribbon out of your very own Coke label?

4. Since we just looked at the classic American holiday soda pop, it’s only fair to check in our go-to cookie!

I think you are going to be surprised with this one.

So, what does America’s favorite cookie look this holiday? It looks well, very different. This holiday season, Oreo has launched a new “Wonderfilled” campaign. The campaign asks Oreo lovers everywhere to share what makes their holidays special, with a modern twist. As if the hash tag and interactive campaign wern’t enough, check out the eye-catching packaging that goes along with the Wonderfilled seasonal promotion.

holiday packaging

This is some seriously transformed packaging that you need to see to believe, check out the Oreo Instagram page for  “colorfilled” videos. Bye-bye trusty blue bag of Oreos, I hope we haven’t seen the last of you.

5. I know we have been talking food and beverage, but here’s something we don’t see every holiday.

Last but not least, we have Sharpie, yes like the marker. If you think about it, who doesn’t use a Sharpie during the holidays? Labeling gifts, labeling leftovers, crossing items off the shopping list.

holiday packaging

This year Sharpie reminds Santa’s helpers that the trusty marker is here to help when it comes to holiday packaging.

Well fellow packaging followers, we can certainly see that brands are using holiday packaging now more than ever to connect with their consumers. Happy holiday packaging season to all, and to all a good night!


Julianne Stanley
Beauty is in the eye of the packaging holder