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Botanical Bakery Packaging

Botanical Bakery Packaging

Botanical Bakery is a small bakery based in the Napa Valley, producing organic herb and spice flavored shortbread cookies with a rich, buttery texture. Botanical Bakery redesigned their packaging with the help from DBD International, achieving flawless results.

From the subtle lip shaped leaf logo, to the fairy-tale feel of the typography and imagery, the Botanical Bakery have produced some stunning packaging. Whether you choose to read into the symbolism of the leaves or choose to just see them as a nifty way to change up the logo with each flavor, the idea is inspired.

Each element on the packaging plays it’s own role in the overall appeal, and they are all tied together beautifully to deliver the final brand message of playfulness and cheek. A truly inspirational example of bakery packaging.

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By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Elizabeth Sanchez
Blogger about Packaging Design Trends. An advocate of new, fun packaging designs and prototypes. Supporting creative packaging designs worldwide.