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Biscuit Packaging Ideas

Biscuit Packaging Ideas

We all love a good tasting biscuit. From its buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth textures to the sweet and sugary flavors, biscuits have been a fan favorite for generations. Like with most foods, packaging is just as important as the delectable themselves. These creative minds have put together some of the best biscuit packaging ideas to help you sink your teeth into some fun while you enjoy a biscuit…or two.

The KOKO Tree

Studio AIO brings us their concept for biscuit packaging ideas in the form of the KOKO tree. The concept is to specialize in handmade chocolates and biscuits that reflects the natural sweetness and hints of bitterness brought by the amazing cocoa plant. The team of designers wanted to mirror the naturalness of the cocoa plant by using calming pastel colors such as periwinkle and light salmon. A one kilo box is designed to be two-fold: either contain 90 bite-size chocolates or 36 cookie-like biscuits. As the box unfolds, the logo is present along with the saying “add a bit more Koko to your life.” This is one of the biscuit packaging ideas that we can get behind: honoring natural ingredients while producing innovative packaging!

Studio H

Dreamed up by the designers at Studio H, which is based out of the United Kingdom, these biscuit packaging ideas are meant to represent the tradition of biscuits throughout the entire United Kingdom.  Each flavor biscuit (lemon, ginger, or Belgian chocolate) comes in a differently designed box than its counterparts. For example, the Belgian chocolate biscuits are contained in a box featuring a German-esque castle detailed in hints of brown and tan, as if to imply that the castle itself may even be made of Belgian Chocolate. The ginger flavor features orange, yellow, and grey tones to reflect the subtle bite of the ginger, and the lemon flavor features bold swaths of yellow. These biscuit packaging ideas are the ultimate goal: combining cultural literacy with the buttery goodness of a generations-old tradition.

Thelma’s Treats

Thelma’s Treats is the epitome of creativity among these biscuit packaging ideas. The boxes are designed to mirror the design of old-fashioned stoves. The boxes opens at the front of the “stove” as if you were truly sliding out a batch of fresh biscuits from the oven. The biscuits then slide out on two trays, just like biscuits you may have enjoyed at your grandmother’s house, which is the goal of Thelma’s to recreate. The simple design of a tan cardboard box is nicely complemented through the use of light blue and brown hues to make the painted designs stand out, but not take away from the ingenuity of the oven-replica idea.


These biscuit packaging ideas are simply some of the best and only reinforce that packaging is just as important as the food contained within. Do you some favorite biscuit packaging ideas? We would love to hear them! Let us know in the comments.

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.